Monday, December 19, 2011

Migrating Projects between SQL Power Community Edition and Enterprise Edition software

In response to frequently asked questions along the lines of...

  • What happens to my projects if my Enterprise license expires?
  • Can Community Edition Projects be used in the Enterprise Edition?
  • Can Enterprise Edition Projects be used in the Community Edition?

...Here's how Community/Enterprise projects are handled in SQL Power Architect and SQL Power Wabit:

  1. Architect/Wabit Projects created in the Community Edition can be migrated to Enterprise Edition.
  2. Architect/Wabit Projects created/saved in Enterprise Edition are stored in the Enterprise server database and cannot be accessed by the Community Edition.
  3. When an Architect/Wabit Enterprise license (or free trial period) expires, the Enterprise server database and any projects therein are "locked out" (they are still there, but not accessible) until a license is obtained/renewed.

Note: For SQL Power DQguru, all Projects can be created by/accessed by either Community or Enterprise version.

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